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6922 Morcote

Lorologiese Fine Vintage and Pre-Owned Watches

Chronographs, complications, exotic, fine and rare vintage watches are the focus here at LOROLOGIESE – FINE VINTAGE WATCHES.

We just love these old tickers

We sell, buy and trade fine and rare timepieces, and offer an interesting selection of manufacture quality watches, chronographs, calendars, moonphases and complications, all original, in good working order, and competitively priced.
We are a professional vintage watch dealer company, we hare selling watches on line since 2002, we are based in Morcote, (Switzerland)
Although our business is web-based, direct pick-up of a watch can be arranged on appointment.

All of our watches are:
  • timed and regulated, if necessary they are fully serviced
  • cleaned and sanitized (a must on older watches !)
  • are delivered with our guarantee
  • and, upon request, and free of charge, with our originality certification
  • consulting on watch originality, purchase and negotiation services;
  • we buy, sell and trade fine vintage and quality brand watches
  • we offer free appraisals
  • we buy estate lots
  • we find the rare watches you are looking for
  • watch repair and restoration at our Service center

Andrea Marzari, Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, has a degree in Communications and Marketing from Boston University and works professionally in the watch and jewelery industry since 1995, first at his family retail business and, since 2002 he founded, a company specializing in vintage,modern, and rare watches.